Thursday, May 23, 2013

Skills and professions

Skills for teen ager: You got a mail in your mailbox "your villager has come to age" and can choose him skill to develop. He has already inherited 25% boost to some skill from his mother and father, and would be good that you chosen same skill that he already has, to make him save 50% or even 75% of time in tasks that he is specialized to.

Why not put little bit skill to everything? 

Even when you have 75% miner, it doesn't mean he needs to always be the miner. Collecting easier resources (other than his mastered skill) won't still take him more than some minutes, so you can keep delegating him much more tasks than just one that he is specialized at. If he for example collects wood for fire, which normally takes one minute, sacrificing 25% (~15min) from his mining speed would only save 15 seconds.

Advantage is that you can delegate most time taking mining tasks of 1 hour or more to him, and get them done in 15 minutes (and same with farming, foraging and wood cutting of course). And when there comes hour lasting task for wood cutting, you can delegate that to some actual wood cutter. Most of time your villagers will be able to do all the tasks in 15 min anyway, so you can still mostly command to work which villager you want. Just leave hardest tasks to the professionals, and you won't need to wait for hours with anything.

You can't always have all 4 professionals in your village, but leaving time taking tasks to villagers who have 2 or 3 points in same skill, saves 30-45 minutes out of one hour. This means 15 - 20 more overall energy gain in hour for your village, because villagers who are working don't gain any energy at all.

So choose mothers or fathers skill to be also villagers own skill. Exception is if you already know your future spouses skill: in that case may be just as good option to choose same skill for their children to have 50% in same skill from parents (=75% when own skill is add to that).


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